About JOT


    The JOT Journal is a peer-reviewed, free and open-access journal dedicated to the timely publication of previously unpublished research articles, surveys, tutorials, and technical notes on all aspects of software and language engineering.

    The JOT Journal publishes original and significant articles covering all aspects of software and language engineering. The aim of the journal is to timely publish high-quality articles that address important research topics; the results described must be reproducible, extensible, scalable, and have practical relevance. The evidence of the claims must be proved by means of empirical studies, simulation, formal proofs or other types of validation.

    Submitted works will be assessed primarily on originality, significance, technical soundness, and quality of presentation. Contributions should conform to generally accepted practices for scientific papers with respect to organization, clarity, and style. Papers about industrial practices, education experiences, as well as state-of-the-art surveys, are particularly welcome too. Besides technical contributions, the JOT Journal solicit works about software tools and environments, i.e., articles that describe the technical solutions adopted in the design and realization of integrated tool environments.


    The JOT Journal is currently listed/indexed by DBLP, Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search, SCIRUS, Scientific Commons, DOAJ, Index of IS Journals, and SCOPUS. JOT is registered under ISSN 1660-1769.

    Continuous Publication Scheme

    The JOT Journal implements a continuous publication scheme, i.e., regular papers are added into a dynamic and annual issue as soon as they are accepted. Hence, the meta-data (DOI, volume and issue) are associated to the article as soon as it is accepted, thus the time in between the submission and the publication is only restricted to the reviewing process.

    Platinum Open Access

    The JOT Journal is a platinum open access journal (also known as diamond or universal open access. It means that it is a fully no-fee journal with

    The JOT Journal has been platinum OA since its creation in 2002, a farsighted vision that proved to be still very current and valid. Research outputs published by the JOT Journal are distributed online, free of cost, and with the addition of a Creative Commons license. The JOT Journal applies the open access model to all forms of published research outputs, including peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed articles.

    The JOT Journal   |   ISSN 1660-1769   |   DOI 10.5381/jot   |   AITO   |   Open Access