Articles matching “Schulte”

  1. Manuel Fähndrich, Diego Garbervetsky, Wolfram Schulte, A Static Analysis to Detect Re-Entrancy in Object Oriented Programs, pp. 5-23, PDF, HTML, DOI. Volume 7, no. 5 (June 2008)
  2. Rafael L. Cancian, Marcelo R. Stemmer, Alexandre Schulter, Antônio A. M. Fröhlich, A Tool for Supporting and Automating the Development of Component-based Embedded Systems, pp. 399-416, PDF, HTML, DOI. Volume 6, no. 9 (October 2007)
  3. Mike Barnett, Robert DeLine, Manuel Fähndrich, K. Rustan M. Leino, Wolfram Schulte, Verification of Object-Oriented Programs with Invariants, pp. 27-56, PDF, HTML, DOI. Volume 3, no. 6 (June 2004)
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