Special Themes

The JOT Journal welcomes special theme proposals on topics of interest for its audience prepared by volunteer Guest Editors. The contents of a special issue may be solicited directly from the author community or compiled from articles presented at a specified conference.

Special Theme Proposal

The development of a special theme issue begins when the Guest Editor(s) and the Special Theme Editor agree on a topic and title for a special issue. Once the special theme proposal is accepted the following information should be defined

If a proposal has potential, the Special Theme Editor will evaluate the proposal. The evaluation will be based on technical accuracy, objectivity, balance, guest editor(s) capability, proposal quality, and relationship to other recent and planned special issues.

Guest Editors are not allowed to act as (co-)author of an article for a special issue for which they are Guest Editor. However, the Guest Editors must also provide an introduction to the special theme issue.

The final contents of the proposed special issue must be approved by the Editor-in-Chief prior to publication.

Review Process

Papers submitted to a special theme can only go through two revisions, of which the second one can only be a minor revision. If the guest editors consider a paper worthy of a second major revision, it has to continue as a regular paper. This means it will not appear in the special issue, but in a later issue, as a regular paper, once the review process has ended successfully.

Dedicated Issues

The JOT Journal implements a Continuous Publication Scheme, i.e., regular papers are added into a dynamic and annual issue as soon as they are accepted. However, due to their specific nature, scope, and relevance, special themes are published as separate and additional issues.

Proposal Submission

Special theme proposals can be submitted via email to the Special Theme Editor (Richard Paige).

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