Articles matching “Bian”

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  3. Hee Beng Kuan, Yong Yang, Lei Bian, Improving the Use of Multiplicity in UML Association, pp. 127-132, PDF, HTML, DOI. Volume 5, no. 6 (July 2006)
  4. Frank Siegemund, Robert Sugar, Alain Gefflaut, Friedrich van Megen, Porting the .NET Compact Framework to Symbian Phones, pp. 83-106, PDF, HTML, DOI. Volume 5, no. 3 (April 2006)
  5. Daniel Lucrédio, Calebe de Paula Bianchini, Antonio Francisco do Prado, Luis Carlos Trevelin, Eduardo Santana de Almeida, A Component-Based Software Engineering Environment, pp. 51-74, PDF, HTML, DOI. Volume 3, no. 4 (April 2004)
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