The Tao of Modeling Spaces

By: Dragan Djuric, Dragan Gaševi, Vladan Devedžic


What are models and metamodels, and why do we need them; What does it mean to transform a model into a programming language. Unlike current research efforts that answer to those questions in rather partial ways, we define a formal encompassing framework (i.e. Modeling spaces) for studying many modeling problems in a more comprehensive way. We illustrate the benefits of that framework for explaining present dilemmas practitioners have regarding models, metamodels, and model transformations.

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Dragan Djuric, Dragan Gaševi, Vladan Devedžic, “The Tao of Modeling Spaces”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 5, no. 8 (November 2006), pp. 125-147, doi:10.5381/jot.2006.5.8.a4.

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