Traceability Management through Use Cases when Developing Distributed Object Applications

By: Nelly Bencomo, Alfredo Matteo


The software life cycle of Distributed Object applications spans requirements specification to design and implementation. Support for traceability has been established as an important task in the life cycle. Concepts in analysis and design should have a clear correspondence to implementation artifacts. Our article describes artifacts associated with Use Case, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Deployment models when developing Distributed Object applications. The work proposes a clear traceability from Analisis to Implementation and Deployment models based on the use cases approach. An example involving web access to bank accounts is presented.

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Nelly Bencomo, Alfredo Matteo, “Traceability Management through Use Cases when Developing Distributed Object Applications”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 4, no. 6 (August 2005), pp. 29-43, doi:10.5381/jot.2005.4.6.a3.

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