SECG: The SCOOP-to-Eiffel Code Generator

By: Oleksandr Fuks, Jonathan S. Ostroff, Richard F. Paige


The Simple Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming (SCOOP) mechanism introduces inter-object concurrency to the Eiffel language, via addition of one new keyword, separate.We describe a general tool that takes a Eiffel program that uses the separate keyword and translates it into an Eiffel multi-threaded program that uses the Eiffel THREAD class. The resulting code is thereafter compatible with EiffelStudio and any other Eiffel compiler that provides the THREAD class.

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Oleksandr Fuks, Jonathan S. Ostroff, Richard F. Paige, “SECG: The SCOOP-to-Eiffel Code Generator”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 3, no. 10 (November 2004), pp. 143-160, doi:10.5381/jot.2004.3.10.a3.

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