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An Operational Semantics including “Volatile” for Safe Concurrency

John Boyland, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, USA


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In this paper, we define a novel “write-key” operational semantics for a kernel language with fork-join parallelism, synchronization and “volatile” fields. We prove that programs that never suffer write-key errors are exactly those that are “data race free” and also those that are “correctly synchronized” in the Java memory model. This 3-way equivalence is proved using Twelf.

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About the author


John Boyland is an Associate Professor in the Department of EE & Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. He can be reached at See also

John Boyland: "An Operational Semantics including “Volatile” for Safe Concurrency", in Journal of Object Technology, vol. 8, no. 4, Special Issue: Workhop FTfJP and IWACO at ECOOP 08, June 2009, pp. 33-53

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