European Research Project Symposium at ECOOP 2011

By: Steffen Zschaler


The European Conference on Object Oriented Programming (ECOOP) was held in Lancaster, 25-29 July. This year, the conference featured the novelty of a Research Project Symposium, providing an opportunity for the dissemination of integrated project visions as well as discussions aiming to seed new collaborations and future research projects. With half-day sessions from three current European research projects, the symposium provided an interesting overview of European ICT research ranging from applications to the design of large-scale machine-translation systems and marine information systems to foundational research in the specification and verification of adaptable systems.


European Research Projects

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Steffen Zschaler, “European Research Project Symposium at ECOOP 2011”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 11, no. 1 (April 2012), doi:10.5381/jot.2012.11.1.c1.

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