A short JOT status report

By: Oscar Nierstrasz


JOT is continuing with its policy of publishing issues as soon as new material is available. With this issue we have two regular papers: "DeepFJig — Modular composition of nested classes", and "A Catalogue of Refactorings for Model-to-Model Transformations", and we have two special sections, one with selected and expanded papers of ICMT 2011 (international Conference on Model Transformation, Guest editors: Jordi Cabot and Eelco Visser), and a second with selected and expanded papers from RefTest 2010 (Refactoring and Testing Workshop, Guest editors: Steve Counsell and Stephen Swift).


JOT Status

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Oscar Nierstrasz, “A short JOT status report”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 11, no. 2 (August 2012), doi:10.5381/jot.2012.11.2.e1.

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