Improving Learning Object Reuse Through OOD: A Theory of Learning Objects

By: Claudine A. Allen, Ezra K. Mugisa


The concept of a learning object (LO) has spread quickly without a very specific universal definition, and though born originally from the idea of object oriented design, with a goal of providing high levels of reusability for digital learning resources, it is being developed generally without reference to the ideals of the object oriented design paradigm. This has resulted in challenges to reusability and interoperability. We therefore present a theory of learning objects (including OOGLOM - Object Oriented Generic Learning Object Model). We develop UML models to illustrate OOGLOM as well as illustrate how it provides interoperability.


E-Learning, Learning Object, Reusability, Learning Component

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Claudine A. Allen, Ezra K. Mugisa, “Improving Learning Object Reuse Through OOD: A Theory of Learning Objects”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 9, no. 6 (November 2010), pp. 51-75, doi:10.5381/jot.2010.9.6.a3.

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