Exceptions in Concurrent Eiffel

By: Phillip J. Brooke, Richard F. Paige


The Simple Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming (SCOOP) mechanism is proposed as a means to introduce inter-object concurrency into the Eiffel programming language [Mey97, EcI05]. SCOOP extends the Eiffel language by adding one keyword, separate, which can be applied to classes, entities and formal routine arguments. Application of separate to a class indicates that objects of that class execute in their own conceptual thread of control; application of separate to entities (variables) or arguments of routines indicate that these constructs are points of synchronisation.

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Phillip J. Brooke, Richard F. Paige, “Exceptions in Concurrent Eiffel”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 6, no. 10 (November 2007), pp. 111-126, doi:10.5381/jot.2007.6.10.a4.

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