A Typing Scheme for Behavioural Models

By: Ashley McNeile, Nicholas Simons


Our particular interest has been to provide tools that allow behavioural models to be executed and tested early in the development lifecycle, so that the risk that severe behavioural problems are found at late stages of testing, when rectification can be very expensive, is significantly reduced. The executable models can be viewed as a form of prototype, and the testing and exploration of such prototypes provides a vehicle for users and other stakeholders to engage in and contribute to the modelling process, even if they have no understanding of the notations and concepts used to build the model.

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Ashley McNeile, Nicholas Simons, “A Typing Scheme for Behavioural Models”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 6, no. 10 (November 2007), pp. 81-94, doi:10.5381/jot.2007.6.10.a2.

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