Modeling Traceability of Concerns for Synchronizing Architectural Views

By: Bedir Tekinerdogan, Christian Hofmann, Mehmet Aksit


Software architecture modeling includes the description of different views that represent the architectural concerns from different stakeholder perspectives. In case of evolution of the software system the related architectural views need to be adapted accordingly. To synchronize the architectural views it is necessary that the dependency links among the architectural concerns in the architectural views can be easily traced. Unfortunately, despite the ongoing efforts for modeling concerns in architectural views, the traceability of concerns remains a challenging issue in architecture design. We propose the concern traceability metamodel (CTM) that enables traceability of concerns within and across architectural views. The metamodel can be used for modeling the concerns, the architectural elements and the traceability links among the elements in architectural views. We have implemented CTM in the tool M-Trace, that uses XML-based representations of the models and XQuery queries to represent tracing information. CTM and M-Trace are illustrated for analyzing the impact of concerns of a Climate Control System case and synchronizing the architectural views.

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Bedir Tekinerdogan, Christian Hofmann, Mehmet Aksit, “Modeling Traceability of Concerns for Synchronizing Architectural Views”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 6, no. 7 (August 2007), pp. 7-25, doi:10.5381/jot.2007.6.7.a1.

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