Enough of Processes - Lets do Practices

By: Ivar Jacobson, Pan Wei Ng, Ian Spence


There are many different processes promoted within the software development industry. But are they really that different? If you look closely at their content, you find that there are more similarities than differences. If you have ever been involved in a process assessment, you know that what the team does rarely matches the official process. This is true of all processes. People use a mixture of ideas and practices from various sources, and although they might claim to be advocates of specific processes, few of them are actually following them to the letter. This gap between the process as described and the process as applied is what we call the “project-process” gap. This gap causes problems for projects, teams and organizations.

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Ivar Jacobson, Pan Wei Ng, Ian Spence, “Enough of Processes - Lets do Practices”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 6, no. 6 (July 2007), pp. 41-66, doi:10.5381/jot.2007.6.6.c5.

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