UML Profiles for Real-Time Systems and their Applications

By: Abdelouahed Gherbi, Ferhat Khendek


Real-time systems have strict timing constraints and limited resources. The respect of time constraints is as important as their functionality. In addition, their complexity is continuously increasing. In order to reduce the cost due to late discovery of design flaws and/or violation of timing constraints; and speed up their development to cope ith time-to-market requirements, it is of a prominent importance to validate accurately at very early stage of development, the functional and non-functional properties of such systems. UML, which is the language of choice of object-oriented paradigm, is well suited to deal with this complexity.

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Abdelouahed Gherbi, Ferhat Khendek, “UML Profiles for Real-Time Systems and their Applications”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 5, no. 4 (May 2006), pp. 149-169, doi:10.5381/jot.2006.5.4.a5.

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