Case Study: Converting to Java 1.5 Type-Safe Collections

By: Wes Munsil


Generic types allow reference types to be parametrized by other types, and are used to good effect in the J2SE 5 collections framework. But modifying existing code that uses the collections framework to take advantage of the new capabilities can involve a fair amount of work. This note describes Wes Munsil's experience in porting the Edsel object model and parser, a heavy user of the collections framework, to the new type-safe collections framework of J2SE 5.

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Wes Munsil, “Case Study: Converting to Java 1.5 Type-Safe Collections”, Journal of Object Technology, Volume 3, no. 8 (September 2004), pp. 7-13, doi:10.5381/jot.2004.3.8.c1.

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