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Efficient Integrity Checking for Essential MOF + OCL in Software Repositories

Miguel Garcia, Institute for Software Systems, Hamburg University of Science and Technology (TUHH), Germany



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The efficient detection of run-time violations of integrity constraints (or their avoidance in the first place) has not been satisfactorily addressed for the combination of object model and constraint definition language most widely accepted in industry, namely OMG’s Essential MOF and Object Constraint Language (OCL). We identify the dimensions relevant to this problem, and classify existing proposals by their position in the solution space. After this comparative survey, we propose a solution for the efficient integrity checking of invariants expressed in OCL over the Essential MOF data model, and describe the software architecture of its implementation using object-relational mapping technology.

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About the author

Miguel Garcia is a PhD candidate and research assistant at the Institute for Software Systems at the Hamburg University of Science and Technology (TUHH), Germany. He can be reached at See also˜mi.garcia.


Miguel Garcia: "Efficient Integrity Checking for Essential MOF + OCL in Software Repositories", in Journal of Object Technology, vol. 7, no. 6, July-August 2008, pp. 101-119

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