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Direct Semantics of Extended State Machines

K. Lano and D. Clark



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In this paper we present semantic profiles for UML 2 state machines, which are based directly upon the structure of a state machine model, without requiring flattening or other transformations on these models. The approach addresses many of the semantic problems identified for state machines, and provides a basis for semantic analysis and proof of behavioural compatibility between state machines.

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About the authors

Kevin Lano is a Reader in Software Engineering in the Department of Computer Science at King's College London. He has been involved in the combination of object-oriented and formal methods for many years, in the EROS and pUML groups, and in many UK and European projects. He can be contacted at

David Clark is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at King's College London. He is a member of the Software Systems and Modelling Team within the department's Software Engineering Research Group. He may be contacted at See also

Cite this column as follows:K. Lano and D. Clark: "Direct Semantics of Extended State Machines", in Journal of Object Technology, Special Issue: TOOLS EUROPE 2007, October 2007, vol. 6, no. 9, pp. 35-51

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