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Software Testing: Interview Questions

by S. Koirala & S. Sheikh, Infinity Science Press, Hingham , MA , 2008. 213 pp., $49.95 (paper). ISBN 978-1-934015-24-7

Reviewed by Charles Ashbacher, Charles Ashbacher Technologies, Hiawatha, IA, USA,

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When I was working as a programmer on a software development team in the 1990's, we considered testing to be a menial task. We were not unique, that was the general consensus among developers at that time. Much has changed since then, now with visual development environments, automatic code generators and component libraries, coders don't necessarily write a lot of original code. However, the amount of code that has to be tested is greater now than ever before. Furthermore, the complexity of the tests is now also orders of magnitude higher than it was before.

While there is a great deal of science to software testing, it is still very much an art. Even with automated testing programs, it is still only rarely possible to run the software through every possible path. Therefore, people who are capable of creating and understanding effective test plans are now in high demand. What was once considered the low-level job of tester is now one of the most critical positions in the software development team.

This book is designed to prepare the applicant for a position as a software tester for the application and technical interview process. It contains a themed series of questions that the prospect could be asked during the technical phase of the interview. Chapter 1 covers the software testing basics and some of the questions are:

  • In what software life cycle phase does testing occur?
  • Can you explain the PDCA cycle and where testing fits in?
  • What is the difference between a defect and a failure?

Each question is followed by a detailed solution with associated figures when needed.

The remaining chapters are:

  • Testing techniques
  • The software process
  • CMMI
  • Six sigma
  • Metrics
  • Automated testing
  • Testing estimation

The format of these chapters is the same as that of chapter 1.

A CD containing a TestComplete TM demo, a software estimation book with templates, data from the book, a sheet that can be used to rate an interview and a sample resume is also included.

If you are interested in entering the increasingly challenging and important field of software testing, then this book will give you the information that will allow you to ace the technical aspects of the interview. With over 122 questions with solutions presented here, it is unlikely that you will be asked any technical question on testing that was not mentioned in at least some form in this book.

Bookreview by Charles Ashbacher : “Software Testing: Interview Questions”, in Journal of Object Technology , vol. 7, no. 7, September-October 2008, pp 53-54

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