Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief

Dear Readers,

I welcome Lakshmi Prayaga back for her regular column. We have contributions from our regular columnists John McGregor, Douglas Lyon, Dave Thomas, and Mahesh Dodani. Writing a regular column is difficult work, especially when doing so while traveling. Several have again completed their columns while at airports or flying across the globe.

As we enter a new publication year it is evident from the columns and feature-length papers that many of the same issues that have dominated our attention in recent years continue as we enter 2008. These include the modeling of concurrent systems, processes related to development, use of OOP in specialized domains (e.g. simulation, games, web programming) and typing issues in component development. All of these themes are discussed in this issue's columns and papers.

Hope you enjoy this issue and those yet to come in 2008.


Happy New Year!


Richard Wiener


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