Dear Readers,

Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief


Dave Thomas, one of the pioneers in our field, has again graced our pages with a thought provoking column entitled “The API Field of Dreams – Too Much Stuff!”. I believe that many of you will find some resonance with the critical observations put forth in his column. Dave’s quarter century of experience in our field has earned him tremendous respect. JOT continues to be honored by his presence in our pages.

Mahesh Dodani, another pioneer and long-standing critic and observer of the OO scene, has contributed a most interesting and important column entitled “Patterns of AntiPatterns”.

I greatly appreciate the contributions from our other columnists Won Kim (“On Assuring Software Quality and Curbing Software Development Cost”), John McGregor (“Professional Development”), and Douglas Lyon (“The Initium RJS ScreenSaver: Part 2”).

Our five feature-length peer-reviewed papers hail from all over the world and present a diversity of technical issues. I believe that you will enjoy them and find them useful.

Summaries are provided next to each title.



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Richard Wiener


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