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The ECOOP workshop on Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs (FTfJP) was the seventh in the series of workshops held at ECOOP. The workshop was held in Glasgow in July 2005. The program committee selected 12 papers in the areas of


JVM implementation

Java compilation

Invariants Specification and verification


Static Analysis Modules and dynamic binding

The authors of the best three papers were invited to submit full articles to this JOT special issue. The accepted papers advance the state of the art in static analysis, specification and language design.

We are grateful to the authors for submitting these contributions, to the program committee members, John Boyland, Silvia Crafa, Susan Eisenbach, Cormac Flanagan, John Hatcliff, Joe Kiniry, Luigi Liquori, David Naumann for their detailed reviews and input.



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Francesco Logozzo and Jan Vitek


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