Dear Readers,

Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief



This issue contains an unusually high number of columns. In addition to regular columns by Dave Thomas (“On the Next Move in Programming”), Donald Firesmith (“Architecture Related Requirements”), Mahesh Dodani (“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”), Won Kim (“Trends in the Use of the Internet”), John McGregor (“Planning before Plans”), Doug Lyon (“JBoss Integration …”) and Richard Wiener (“A Pedagogical Experiment: Introducing Students to a First GUI Project UsingC#/.NET”), we have Guest Columns by Gary Leavens (“Not a Number of Floating Point Problems”) and Birol Berkem (“How to align IT with the changes using UML and according to BMM (*) ?”). I am confident that you will find these columns thought provoking and interesting.

I also trust that you will find the five feature-length papers worth your attention. Summaries are provided next to each title.


Best regards,


Richard Wiener


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