Dear Readers,

Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief


I welcome our readers to another year of the Journal of Object Technology, JOT. I look forward to the continuing input of high-quality manuscripts and welcome previous as well as new writers. We will continue to review submissions within a month and strive to publish accepted papers in less than a year. Please send JOT manuscripts to me at rswiener@acm.org.

Charles Ashbacher has again contributed his “Best Books for 2005” column that we have come to expect as each year ends. I think you will find his recommendations interesting.

Dave Thomas has contributed another thought provoking column dealing with programming and process (“The OOP Scene”). Douglas Lyon is joined by Pawel Krepsztul in a column that deals with grid computing in Java. John McGregor discusses complexity and software. Won Kim deals with a subject that is close to home for me; the crisis in computer science enrollment and education. Finally, Mahesh Dodani discusses enterprise architecture in the context of IT implementation and business strategy. I welcome these columnists back and look forward to the continuation of other columns in forthcoming issues.

I believe you will find the five feature-length papers worth your attention. Summaries are provided next to each title.

I hope you find this issue and those to come in 2006 useful and interesting.

Finally, I wish to pay my respects to John Vlissides who passed away in November, 2005. He will be missed in the OO community. Our condolences are offered to his family (http://c2.com/ppr/wiki/ComponentDesignPatterns/JohnVlissides.html)

Kind regards,


Richard Wiener


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