Dear Readers,

Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief

I welcome Lakshmi Prayaga to JOT with her Guest Column, “Game programming – The “Why”, “What” and “How” with Graphics Objects” in this issue. If any of our readers would like to contribute a Guest Column, please send your manuscript to me at rswiener@acm.org.

Dave Thomas has contributed a wonderful and as always thought provoking column (“The (Re) Emergence of Agile Languages and Domain-Oriented Programming”)

I am delighted to welcome back Donald Firesmith from the Software Engineering Institute and his insightful column, “Quality Requirements Checklist”. Our two regular contributors Douglas Lyon (“The JBoss Integration Plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA”) and John McGregor (“Ideas from SPLC”) are also featured in this issue.

The feature-length papers in this issue continue the frequent focus on OOA/OOD methodology as well as type theory.

I hope you enjoy this issue and have found this year’s columns and feature papers in JOT worthwhile and useful.

Best regards,


Richard Wiener


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