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An Implementation of the Calculus on the .NET


Liwu Li, University of Windsor, Canada


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Here, we show how to refine the grammar of the -calculus so that we can implement the p-calculus by decomposing a given process expression into a hierarchy whose nodes are responsible to communicate links and execute the basic actions specified in the process expression. The nodes in the hierarchy add new child nodes when they need to handle lower-level process expressions. They are removed from the hierarchy when the processes assigned to them are completed. Hence, the hierarchy for executing a process expression of the -calculus grows and shrinks dynamically at runtime. We implement the nodes with concurrently executing threads in the managed C++ on Microsoft .NET. The communication requests from the nodes are coordinated and resolved with a class named CommunCenter. Thus, we present an operational semantics for the p-calculus and implement the semantics in the .NET.

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About the author

With great regret we report the passing of Liwu Li on April 21, 2005 at the age of 58.

   Dr. Liwu Li was a professor in School of Computer Science at University of Windsor, Canada. His research interests include object-oriented language design and implementation, object-oriented software analysis and design, and software process design and execution.

Cite this article as follows: Dr. Liwu Li: “An Implementation of the -Calculus on the .NET", in Journal of Object Technology, vol. 4, no. 5, July-August 2005, pp. 139-158

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