Karine Arnout
Doug Dechow
Andreas Pleuss
Matt Rutherford
Denis Shestakov


Guest Editorial

Dear Reader,

The GPCE Young Researchers Workshop 2004 was the 6th in a series of workshops traditionally held together with the GPCE conference. It took place in November 2004 together with OOPSLA in Vancouver, Canada. The workshop provides a platform for PhD students, post-docs, and practitioners in industry who have recently started their research career in the domain of generative and component based software development.

Three well-known experts in the research area were invited to give feedback and comments to the young researchers. Each talk was followed by a comprehensive discussion. This year we were happy to welcome Jim Coplien (DAFCA, Inc., USA), Jens Jahnke (University of Victoria, Canada) and Michael Stal (Siemens AG, Germany) as panelists.

This edition of JOT presents papers from the workshop. It provides an overview about current research topics and the work of the next generation of experts in the research of generative and component based software development.

We would like to thank the authors for their contributions and the panelists for their profound comments and the interesting discussions at the workshop. The next Young Researchers Workshop will take place together with GPCE '05 in September in Tallinn, Estonia.

Best regards,

Karine Arnout, France
Douglas R. Dechow, Oregon State University, USA
Andreas Pleuss, University of Munich, Germany
Matthew J. Rutherford, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Denis Shestakov,Turku Center for Computer Science, Finland
Daniel von Dincklage, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

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