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Feature Interactions and Software Derivatives

Jia Liu, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A.

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Feature Oriented Programming (FOP) merges the studies of feature modularity, generative programming, and compositional programming. We advance FOP by proposing the concept of software derivatives, which represent feature interactions. We apply the theory of software derivatives to refactoring legacy Java applications into FOP designs.

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About the author

Jia Liu received the BS degree in computer science from Peking University (1999) and the MS degree in computer science from Univeristy of Texas at Austin (2003). He is currently a PhD candidate at the Univeristy of Texas at Austin and a member of Product-Line Architechture Research Group. He can be reached at jliu@cs.utexas.edu.

Cite this article as follows: Jia Liu: “Feature Interactions and Software Derivatives”, in Journal of Object Technology, vol. 4, no. 3, April 2005 Special Issue: 6th GPCE Young Researchers Workshop 2004, pp. 13-19 http://www.jot.fm/issues/issue_2005_04/article2

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