Dear Readers,

Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief

Several of the feature papers in this issue focus on languages and their properties. This is always an interesting and important topic so I hope you find these papers thought provoking and useful. One paper deals with the pi calculus in Java, another with assertion-based development and another with access to local objects and another with object persistence.

There are six columns in this issue including another installment of my Educator’s Corner column.

I wish to pay tribute to one of our columnists, Anthony Simons. This is his 17th column dealing with type theory. I thank him not only for his prolific contributions but most importantly for the quality of his work. We look forward to his future contributions.

Charles Ashbacher has contributed a book review dealing with "The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit", by Matthew Moran.

Best regards,

Richard Wiener


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