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Extending the Java Language with Dynamic Classification

Liwu Li, University of Windsor, Canada


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Dynamic classification feature of an object-oriented programming language allows an object to change its class membership without changing its identity at runtime. The new membership of the object can be signified with a role, which is taken on by the object and which can be implemented as an object of the target class. Here, we propose an approach to extend the Java language with a dynamic classification mechanism, which can be implemented by extending the Java language, compiler, and standard library. We present a prototypical implementation of the mechanism to show the feasibility of the approach to dynamic classification.

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About the author

space Dr. Liwu Li is a faculty member in School of Computer Science at University of Windsor, Canada. His research interests include object-oriented language design and implementation, object-oriented software analysis and design, and software process design and execution. He can be reached at

Cite this article as follows: Liwu Li: “Extending the Java Language with Dynamic Classification”, in Journal of Object Technology, vol. 3, no. 7, July-August 2004, pp. 101-120.

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