Dear Readers,

Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief

We end the 2003 publishing year with four feature-length papers, five columns and a book review. I am grateful to our columnists for the quality and quantity of their output. Several of our columnists who could not make this issue have promised to continue in 2004. As a columnist myself, I appreciate the time and effort that is required for each piece. Summaries of our columns and feature papers are provided on our main web page under each title.

I would like to thank our readers who have sent very positive and encouraging e-mails indicating that you like what you are getting. You shall get more!

I regret that we cannot publish many of the good papers that are received because of space constraints. I encourage authors who have had their manuscripts rejected to try again. Existing authors are of course encouraged to send fresh manuscripts.
Enjoy the holiday season that is forthcoming.


Kind regards,

Richard Wiener

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