Dear Readers,

Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief

We are continuing our celebration of our first birthday. On this important occasion, Ivar Jacobson has contributed a Guest Column, “Use Cases and Aspects–Working Seamlessly Together” presented in this issue. It has been many years since Ivar contributed his work to JOOP so I am particularly honored to showcase his work in this issue of JOT. Ivar’s Guest Column is joined by Sikha Bagui’s column on OODBMS.

Besides these two guest columnists I am very happy to welcome our new columnist Conrad Bock who starts his series on UML 2 in this issue. In addtion we have of course our regular columns by Mahesh Dodani, John Firesmith, Anthony Simons, Won Kim, and my column. I am most grateful for the outstanding and regular contributions by these regular columnists. Their on-going contributions make this a birthday worth celebrating.

This issue contains four feature-length papers dealing with design patterns, components, e-commerce and J2EE component development.

As we move into our second year of publication, I welcome previous authors to contribute again and new authors to make their first contributions to JOT.


Kind regards,

Richard Wiener

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