Dear Readers,

This issue of JOT begins our second year of publication. I am grateful for the birthday greetings and expressions of support received through e-mail correspondence. First and foremost, thanks must go to our writers – past, present and future. We continue to receive a steady stream of unsolicited manuscripts from all over the world and hope this stream will continue. The best and most relevant of the manuscripts we receive are slated for publication usually within 8 to 10 months after they are received. The high editorial standards that we maintain have made it increasingly prestigious to be published in JOT.

Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief

We have retained a collection of outstanding and world-renowned columnists. We shall continue to add new columnists to our roster. Please contact me (rswiener@acm.org) if you wish to contribute a column (either Guest Column or regular column).

In this issue, columnist Dave Thomas wears the two hats of educator and industrial practitioner. As always, I believe you shall find his column most interesting and provocative. His column is joined by other freshly minted and interesting regular columns contributed by Anthony Simons, Won Kim, James Odell, Donald Firesmith, Mahesh Dodani, Bertrand Meyer and myself.

Charles Ashbacher has provided us with two new book reviews in this issue.

This issue contains four feature-length papers dealing with OO metrics, patterns, semantic associations, and OODBMS.

Kind regards,

Richard Wiener

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