Dear readers,

Welcome to this issue of the Journal of Object Technology (JOT). I am delighted to welcome two professors from York (Richard Paige, University of York, UK and Jonathan Ostroff from York University, Toronto) as co-authoring a Guest Column in this issue. In addition, we are again honored to have guest columnist Adele Goldberg contribute her third such column. I am most grateful for her contributions and support.

Our two guest columns are joined by five regular columnists of significant stature. Won Kim, Anthony Simmons, James Odell,

Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief

Mahesh Dodani and Donald Firesmith have again graced our pages with their work. I think you will find their columns useful and interesting.

Like in previous issues, our four reviewed feature-length papers hail from around the world (France, Switzerland, United States and Canada) and deal with the theory and practice of object technology. With the prospect of a relatively short review time and time to publication, I continue to welcome article submissions.

Please send me feedback regarding our editorial content in order to help us determine our future direction. Thanks.

Kind regards,

Richard Wiener

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