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For Volume 14, no. 4 (September 2015)

I. Content


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Javier Luis, Cánovas Izquierdo, Valerio Cosentino, Jordi Cabot



Using Slicing to Improve the Performance of Model Invariant Checking.
Wuliang Sun, Benoit Combemale, Robert B. France, Arnaud Blouin,
Benoit Baudry, Indrakshi Ray

  In Model Driven Development (MDD), it is important to ensure that a model
  conforms to the invariants defined in the metamodel. Such invariant
  checking can improve developers' understanding of modelled aspects of
  complex systems and uncover structural errors in design models.
  General-purpose rigorous analysis tools that check invariants are likely
  to perform the analysis over the entire metamodel and model. Since modern
  day software is exceedingly complex, the size of the model together with
  the metamodel can be very large.  Consequently, invariant checking can
  take a very long time. For example, checking a model consisting of 5,000
  elements can take up to several hours if the analysis completes. Moreover,
  sometimes the analysis process cannot be completed as the system resources
  get exhausted. To this end, we introduce model slicing within the
  invariant checking process, and use a slicing technique to reduce the size
  of the inputs in order to make invariant checking of large models feasible
  with existing tools. The evaluation we performed provides evidence that
  model slicing can significantly reduce the time to perform the invariant
  checking. In the experiments that we conducted, we achieved speedups
  ranging from 1.5 to 36.0 and we also demonstrate the correctness of the
  checking results.


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