Dear Readers,

Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief

I am pleased that five of our regular columnists have contributed to this issue. I think you will enjoy their work and find it interesting and useful. Thanks to Dave Thomas, Won Kim and Seonghoon Kang, John McGregor, Douglas Lyon and Francisco Castellanos and Mahesh Dodani for their contributions.

I believe you will also enjoy our three feature full-length papers.

Because of my own current interests I found the paper dealing with Aspect-Oriented Programming and .NET (by Miguel Katrib Mora and Yamil Hernández, from the University of Havana), particularly interesting.

There are two feature-length papers dealing with type theory and a semantic specification for JVML. The type theory paper by Christian Heinlein, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Ulm, Germany, is quite long but worth digging into. The JVML semantics paper is also worth the effort of a careful read and study.

Hope you find the columns and papers useful to you.


Best regards,


Richard Wiener


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