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Richard Wiener,
Editor- in-Chief


I received some constructive feedback related to my Educator’s Corner column from March/April, 2006 (http://www.jot.fm/issues/issue_2006_03/column5) in which a group of students were introduced to GUI programming in C#/.NET using a carefully constructed tutorial/case-study. All of the feedback was positive. Some typical comments include: “I felt the case-study was very helpful as it provided a ‘quick-hit’ introduction to GUI widgets, event handling and object persistence.” “I found this tutorial example to be very easy to follow while exposing the student to the nuances of GUI development and event-driven programming with visual studio.” “This was a great learning experience in which I had fun and was sufficiently challenged. I was intimidated by the notion of creating a GUI program but his was a great exercise to ease into it. GUI programming does not intimidate me anymore.” “The project allowed me to ease into GUI development by working with small components and then expanding to have all of these components work together.” It would appear that the tutorial example was successful, at least with this group of students, in providing a programmer-friendly introduction to GUI development in C#/.NET.

I believe that you will find the five feature-length papers in this issue interesting and useful. Summaries are provided next to each title. In addition there are four columns.


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Richard Wiener


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